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There are three attributes you might want to look for in the raise of your polo horse: its model, its aptitude and also its character or temperament. These characteristics have marked the selection that polo-horses-breeders have made the past years. For this reason the mare players were left inside the herds. This has been done mostly with those mares that had won important tournaments or championships.

Furthermore, the herds that were more successful were those that have used pure-race-horse in the crossbreeding process. As a result of this cross polo horses have increased their speed. This is very important because speed is something that polo players definitely want in their horses.

Some of the main physical characteristics that are usually wanted in a polo horse these days are: between 1, 55 and 1, 60 meters high, a weight of 400 or 500 kilograms, a strong skeleton, blood temperament, a thick and muscular body, well-proportioned head, long and firm neck and a large forehead.

Referring to the body of a polo horse, it is expected the following attributes: long and strong arms and forearms, wide and dry knees, deep but not very large chest and muscular thigh.

But all these characteristics are physical and those are not the only things a breeder or a polo player looks for in his horse. For playing this sport, a horse should also have a fast walk, a free and straight trot and a vigorous gallop. The age of a good polo horse should be between 4 and 14 years old. You can tell the age of a these animals by looking at the size, shape and color of their teeth.

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A horse with bad habits is the result of a bad trainer. The best results in a horse-selection-process are found when it is combined the aptitude of the equine for the sport, its physical structure and the pedigree. Consequently the outcome of the crossbreeding process had brought lots of improvements. But there is only one thing they have lost comparing to the polo horses back in the first years of the sport, and that is the structure.

You may say this is not very important as the height they have reached nowadays (over 1,60 meters high) but that is only an opinion.

Among the changes in the play that have overcome with the crossbred, some people consider that it is no good for the stamina genes to avoid making the horses play a whole chucker. Today the polo players change their horses two or tree times during a chucker. This way of play the sport is consider harmful because horses might loose some of their stamina over the years. But, as there are different points of view, we can not make a full statement.

Due to the amazing technological progress and the new reproduction techniques it is now possible to form embryos of mares that are been use at this moment. Therefore it’s possible to improve faster the quality of the herds nowadays.